SASH stands for "Special Alcohol Service in Hospitality"

The SASH - SHORT COURSE version* takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

The SASH - SHORT COURSE is not as comprehensive as the SASH - FULL COURSE, however it is designed for those venues who'd like their less senior staff to have a good understanding of SASH in just one hour.

Developed in the field since 2009, SASH has helped venues achieve unprecedented heights in patron management outcomes by focusing on their drinking guests' physiology, as well as their psychology. This is achieved by deploying SASH's new and improved patron management techniques.

The course consists of its own unique theory, which it then demonstrates how to implement when dealing with 10 Common Scenarios that take place in alcohol serving venues. The course consists of videos, quizzes and optional work exercises. A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon the course's successful completion.

Scroll down to view a free preview of the course along with its curriculum. (Note: Quizzes in Preview mode are not graded.)

*The SASH - SHORT COURSE has less videos than the SASH - FULL COURSE, which is why it takes 30 minutes less time to complete. It goes into the same amount of detail on the course theory and on the key preventative common scenarios e.g. saving patrons from reaching intoxication, however it does not provide videos for the other scenarios. As a bonus though it does have a link to the "Time to Go" video for those who wish to view it, which deals with how to ask patrons to leave the venue in a safe and hospitable manner.

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